Tas Foundation was transformed from Open Society - Georgia Foundation Women's Program (1998-2006) and started operating as an independent national women's fund since early 2007.

TF, as part of women's movement of Georgia and its supporter, is involved in the work aimed at the creation of a peaceful and just environment, an environment where each woman will be entitled for a free choice and self-realization and will exercise her rights and freedoms without hindrance.


Women's Empowerment for Human Rights, Equality, Social Justice and Peace in Georgia.


In spite of feminist thinking and movement having had their roots in Georgian culture from the nineteenth century on, while women's non-governmental organizations have been presently active for almost twnety years, and many important achievements serve as proof to that, it is still difficult to state that women's movement in Georgia is demanding and effcent enough. In our opnion, one of its main reasons is that, against the background of the poverty of the majority, ethnically colored bloody conflicts and their heavy consequences, no clear public demand has been formed on the implementation of women's rights, as well as on many issues of crucial importance for peace, security, and democratic development.

In order to impel the activism of women isolated from public domain, it is necessary to merge works aiming at overcoming poverty with programs for the empowerment of women for social activism. Steady and continuous work for the involvement of population in democracy development has to be based on cooperation betwwen experienced NGOs/experts and community based women.


As part of women's movement of Georgia and national women's fund, in order to ensure women's rights while taking into consideration the country context, Taso Foundation conducts the following:

  • making grants to support initiatives of women activists, women's groups and organzations;
  • implement operational programs;
  • implement mixed (operational & grant-giving) projects;
  • act as women's memory research center (resource center with library and textual, photo and video archives);
  • participate in policy making and act as an advocate for ensuring gender equality and women's rights;
  • prepare, publish and distribute the books including the publication of two series of TF Women's Memory (since 2004) and Feminist Library (since 2007);
  • support documentary making through grant-giving and producing documentaries;
  • collaborate with other civil society organizations, media, state institutions, and participate in events of Georgian women's movement;
  • participate in global women's movement


International Gender Policy Network (www.igpn.net)

Association for Women's Rights in Development (www.awid.org )

Foundations for Peace Network (www.foundationsforpeace.org )

International Network of Women's Funds (www.inwf.org )

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