Community philanthropy

One of Taso Foundation’s main strategic working directions is creating a network of community funds, developing and widening them, and supporting the philanthropic work of community funds.

By participating in the work meetings of international networks such as “Philanthropy of social justice and peace” and “Foundations for peace”, Taso Foundation has gained the knowledge and will work for creating philanthropy development opportunities in the country and inculcate community philanthropy as an active mechanism of direct democracy development.

The working directions include:

  • Teaching the community funds, consultation, organizational development, and networking; textbooks for community funds, periodical coordinating meetings and field visits with the youth group representatives;
  • Supporting the philanthropic work of the community funds: partner grant program;
  • Widening the community philanthropy network: A)preparing new members; B) attracting new members;
  • Documentary films and publications for community philanthropy inculcation.

The legislative initiative – The philanthropy law of Georgia:

The years-long endeavors of the civil society organizations didn’t bring as a result nor the steady growth of the democracy quality, nor sustainable peace and economic growth/social justice.

It is necessary to form civil society and strengthen the responsibility of the civil society organizations by using the resources inside the country, such as: civic responsibility of the citizens and participation, inculcating the volunteering culture, philanthropic contributions of the business sector as well as closer cooperation between the sectors for democratic development, equality, justice, and peace.

The working directions include:

  • Reworking the philanthropy law (was handed to the parliament for consideration 2 times to – in 2013 and 2014) with the participation of other civic society organizations and experts;
  • Lobbying the draft law in the Georgian parliament;
  • Activities and events meant for inculcating philanthropic culture.

    Law of philanthropy - 29.07.2013 - eng.pdf