Mission, Vision and Values

Mission of the organization:

Empowerment of women and girls in building social justice and peace in Georgia.

Vision of the Organization:

Women and girls live in a safe and fair environment where equal opportunities are available; Their quality education, healthcare, financial independence and equal representation in the decision-making process are ensured.

Values of the Organization:

  • Transparency and openness

The foundation is accountable to its partners and the community and proactively disseminates information about its activities. It is open for cooperation.

  • Fairness and conscientiousness

The foundation is consistent and impartial in its activities with regard to partners, employees and beneficiaries; It is guided by the current legislation of Georgia and the international obligations of the country.

  • Accountability

All employees of the foundation share its values and take responsibility for their activities, about which they share constantly updated information with other members of the foundation, target groups and stakeholders.

  • Teamwork

The staff of the foundation have a common vision, aspirations, goals and work together on current issues, assisting and sharing experiences with each other, target groups and stakeholders within the responsibilities shared.

  • Empathy

The staff of the foundation, while carrying out their activities, show compassion towards the target groups and partners; Consider the context, try to understand their situation and, if necessary, express support.

The basic principles of receiving funding include refusal:

  • For organizations involved in the production and trade of weapons;
  • For organizations involved in the trade of drugs;
  • For individuals and organizations involved in terrorism;
  • For organizations related to gambling business;
  • For persons and organizations suspected of child labor or exploitation of children through any form of work;
  • Suspicious individuals and organizations involved in trafficking or similar undignified work.