Community funds
With the support of Taso Foundation, self-help groups were formed from IDP women living in the village of Tsintskaro in 2010. On July 1, 2013, the group registered under the name of NNLE "Community Fund Kodori 2013". Since 2015, the organization has its own office, necessary inventory and human volunteer resources. As a result of advocacy, awareness of the organization's activities has been increased, trust, knowledge and experience of the activity important problems of the community have been solved.
The organization Lanchkhuti Youth Movement was founded in 2021. The organization actively works for the development of young people living in Lanchkhuti Municipality and their involvement in public life. Its purpose is to support the protection of the rights and freedoms of young people, the development of their talents and skills and their establishment in society.
Community Fund Egrisi was registered as an organization in 2012. The Foundation works in the following areas: promoting community development under the leadership of women, ensuring women's involvement in peace processes, protecting the environment, promoting youth social activities, protecting women, human rights and freedoms, promoting democratic development in Georgia.
Community Fund Leli was registered on August 22, 2007. Since its establishment, the organization has been offering the development of personal and professional skills to the people of the country, nationally, on the spot and through digital platforms, through various educational, cultural and sports programs. It implements advocacy campaigns, including ethnic groups, to promote integration into the society.
Community Foundation Lotus was established within the framework of the project - "Joint Efforts for the Economic Empowerment of Women". The foundation, which aims to promote socio-economic, cultural, educational, or community service activities, was registered on January 20, 2021. IT operates in the Ozurgeti region and actively works to empower women and girls.
Community Fund NEFA was registered in 2012. The main activities of the fund are community development, social and economic empowerment under the leadership of women; Involvement of women in peace processes, promoting security and introducing a culture of peace in the society; Promoting the social integration and development of vulnerable social groups, IDPs; Advocacy for women; Protection of the living environment; Promoting youth community activities; Promoting democratic development in Georgia; Caring for people with disabilities and their integration into the community.
Rural Women for Human Rights, as an independent organization, was founded and has been working in the village of Saniore, Telavi Municipality since October 7, 2009. Since its establishment, the organization has been a member of the National Violence Protection Network. It actively cooperates with governmental and non-governmental sectors, both at local, municipal and regional, as well as national levels. The organization has experience in philanthropic work, which has resulted in an increase in the number of volunteers and their involvement in the activities for the benefit of the community.
Women for Regional Development was established in May 2008 on the basis of an initiative group and was registered in 2010 (NNLE). It works in the following areas: grant-making, domestic violence and gender equality issues, youth club, community newspaper publication. The organization shares the principles of social justice and is actively involved in empowering women and youth groups.
Shida Kartli Community Fund for Peace and Development was registered on May 29, 2012. The foundation was established with the support of the UN Women and Taso Foundation. Its founders are women leaders from women’s self-help groups. The organization is located two kilometers from the occupation line, works on the spot and is well aware of the needs and problems of the population living in the villages adjacent to the occupation line.
The foundation For New Opportunities was registered on September 12, 2021. The aim of the organization is to enliven the life of the villages of Akhalkalaki Municipality, revitalize and raise the level of civic awareness, disseminate knowledge and skills, self-realization, motivate and engage young people, identify new employment opportunities so that they no longer have to leave the municipality and become self-sufficient.  
Karaleti Women's Solidarity Center was founded in 2010 and has been working for women's rights ever since. The center is a member of the National Network for Protection from Violence, which enables it to provide legal and other services to victims of domestic violence. Since 2013, the Karaleti Women's Solidarity Center has been registered as a community fund.
New Thinking Institute was established in 2015 as an initiative group in the village of Molaoglu, Marneuli Municipality. In 2018, the group was formed as a non-governmental organization. The main field of activity of the organization is to raise the level of knowledge of the population in the administrative unit of Sadakhlo about civic education, and to introduce important laws so that they can better orient themselves in the society.