About the Organization

Taso Foundation is a national women's fund that was registered as an independent organization in 2007. Prior to that, in 1998-2006, it worked as the Women's Program of the Open Society Georgia Foundation (see History pdf). The foundation's activities are aimed at empowering women in the country and building a strong civil society.

To achieve its mission, Taso Foundation implements grant-making, educational and humanitarian programs. One of the main activities of the foundation is the mobilization of rural women and the community, raising their awareness, promoting the development of skills and competencies needed for economic empowerment.

The Foundation provides grants for women's individual and group economic empowerment, as well as for community social activism, community fundraising and organizational development; Carries out humanitarian activities in difficult circumstances created for the country and its citizens, such as armed conflict, state of emergency or global pandemic. The foundation actively cooperates with state agencies and local governments, as well as with community, regional and international organizations; Actively works for promoting the women's movement and civil society and contributes to building global peace.

Priority directions of Taso Foundation’s activities include:

  • Empowering women and girls (rural, conflict-affected, internally displaced, and ethnic minorities);
  • Establishing, strengthening and promoting community philanthropy;
  • Disseminating feminist values ​​through books published in the Women's Oral Stories and Feminist Library series;
  • Supporting the construction of the women’s movement and the feminist ecosystem;
  • Collaborating with local governments and ensuring gender-responsive budgeting with the involvement of women;
  • Establishing, developing and supporting groups of young volunteers;
  • Establishing, developing and expanding the community fund network.

Through its daily activities, Taso Foundation promotes and contributes to the process of establishing a state governed by the rule of law, where:

  • Women's rights are supported;
  • There are equal opportunities for everyone;
  • Is a socially just environment;
  • Gender equality is achieved.