March 23, 2024
Women's School of Oral History

On March 22, the closing event of the Women's School of Oral History was held. Participants - students of Tbilisi State University and the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) - presented their practical works completed within the framework of the program and were awarded with certificates.

The event was hosted by Ketevan Zhordania, the chairpesron of the board of Taso Foundation, and Tsisana Goderdzishvili, the head of the memory research center.

The next part of the evening was dedicated to the presentation of the book Patient from Zero published by the joint efforts of Taso Foundation and the Civil Society Foundation, which was presented by the editor and illustrator of the book, Maka Ldokonen.

The event ended with the photo exhibition The Woman of My Village, which is a collection of photos depicting the life of rural women. The mentioned photos were obtained with the help of women involved in the social mobilization of Taso Foundation and were kept only in their family archives until now.

The exhibition aims to highlight the uniqueness of the ordinary experiences of women living in rural areas, to show the beauty and diversity of rural life, to appreciate the tribute of women who have contributed greatly to the formation, development and preservation of their communities over the centuries.

The exposition will remain in the hall of the Civil Society Foundation (address: Chovelidze 4a) and anyone who wishes will have the opportunity to view the photos for a week.


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